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Questions About Student Loan Debt

Most questions about student loans can be can be answered by referring to information published by the federal government or nonprofit organizations, and through inquiries to the loan servicer. However, many people are overwhelmed by the federal programs and procedures, are frustrated with loan servicers, or have other questions that have not been fully answered by those sources of information. Those people can benefit from a student loan consultation, which is typically done by telephone in under an hour.

For information about student loan consultations, click here.

Representation of Student Borrowers and Co-Signers

I represent clients who have been sued for collection of private student loans, whether the lawsuit is filed by the original creditor or a purchaser of the loan. I have experience defending cases filed by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, which is a major buyer of private student loan debt.

The co-signer of a promissory note can be held liable for the loan and accrued interest if the student defaults. The lender does not have to exhaust its remedies against the student before attempting to collect from the co-signer. If you are a co-signer of a student loan promissory note, and you have been sued, you need to act quickly to avoid a default judgment. Representation by an experienced collection defense attorney is essential to getting the best result.

The federal government rarely sues for collection of federal loans, but if you have been sued by the United States government, I can provide an analysis of your options.

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